APPROVED and EFFECTIVE January 8, 2021  

LMSC Board of Directors 

Lake Monona Sailing Club 

Pier Assignment Rules: Principles, Prerequisites and Priorities 


1. Basic Eligibility. Pier space is available on an annual basis beginning April 1, and only for sailboats belonging to LMSC members in good standing at the time application is made. “Good standing” requires timely payment of all current charges associated with participation in LMSC activities, including pier rental fees for the year for which space is sought, and that the applicant have no  past due charges owed to the LMSC.  

2. Priority to Racing Boats. The purpose of the LMSC is to promote sailboat racing. Bylaws, paragraph 2. Accordingly, the LMSC awards the highest priority in pier space assignment to boats which  participated in LMSC-sponsored races in the preceding year.  

3. Compliance with Rules and Regulations. Pier tenants shall comply with all legal rules and regulations and with contractual obligations of the LMSC. Failure to do so may result in prompt termination of the member’s tenancy, as may any conduct which interferes with or jeopardizes the safe, lawful, fair, efficient and continued operation of the piers. 

4. Specific Pier Space. Boats which qualify under these rules do so broadly; i.e., for a space, not for a specific space. Specific space assignment is made, in the first instance, by the Pier Chair  (formerly, “Pier Captain”), taking into account a boat’s prior year pier space assignment, the overall efficient use of the LMSC piers, physical characteristics of boats and boat lifts, and the convenience of assignees. Dissatisfied assignees may appeal to the Commodore, who’s determination is final. (Appellants should be prepared to explain why their preference should override other considerations.)  

5. Multiple Boats. Priority is determined on a boat-by-boat basis. If a member applies for pier space for more than one boat, the priority for each of the member’s boats is determined separately. 

6. Lotteries. In any instance in which the number of applicants eligible for a pier space assignment at a given priority level exceeds the number of spaces available at that priority level, assignees shall be chosen by lottery. A boat that is unsuccessful in a lottery at one priority level shall be eligible for, but not guaranteed, assignment at the next lower priority level. 

7. Member Use Only. Pier space may be used only for a boat belonging to the member to whom the space is assigned.  

8. Special Situations. The LMSC Board of Directors may, in its sole discretion, direct a pier space assignment without regard to these rules. Such assignments shall be on a year-by-year, case by-case basis and directed only in situations where considerations of fundamental fairness, legal obligation, or exceptional prior service to the LMSC require it. No assignment pursuant to this provision shall be precedent for any other situation or assignment.  


All pier space applications must:  

1. Meet the above Basic Eligibility requirements,  

2. Be submitted prior to April 1 of the year for which pier space is sought,  

Satisfy all requirements imposed by third parties as a condition of the LMSC maintaining a pier at a given location, such as a damage waiver for a pier extending from municipally owned land.


1. Priority One: Returning Racing Boats. The highest priority is given to boats which meet the following criteria:  

A. Had a Priority One space assignment in the preceding year.  

B. Participated in at least 25% of all LMSC races during the preceding year. A boat which scores other than DNS, DNC, or equivalent, “participated” in a given race. 

2. Priority Two: Other Racing Boats. This priority is given to boats which would have qualified for Priority One except that the boat did not have a pier space assignment in the preceding year. 

3. Priority Three: Other Returning Boats. This priority is given to boats which had a pier space assignment in the preceding year but did not meet the race participation requirement for Priority One

4. Priority Four: Other boats. Other boats are assigned pier space on a first-come-first-served, space-available basis

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