For the Saturday Series, at least one trophy will be awarded to each fleet which has at least one boat qualified for a trophy.  Additional trophies will be awarded, depending on the average number of boats per race, according to the following schedule:  more than five boats, two trophies; more than seven boats, three trophies; more than ten boats, four trophies; more than 14 boats, five trophies; more than 19 boats, one additional trophy for each five boats in excess of 20.

Awards are also given to the winners of the Wednesday Series, Champagne Series, each Holiday race, and for the Fall Series; along with the following special awards:

Commodore’s Cup Awarded to the boat with the best combined score in the Holiday races.

Crew Race Trophies (1st-3d) Awarded for this race in which the skipper and crew switch places.  This is a race designed to give the inexperienced sailors a chance to bring home the silver. 

Around the Lake Race Trophy • Awarded to the boat with the lowest corrected time in the annual Around the Lake Race (a non-traditional course which attempts to cover the maximum lake acreage).

Bob Doyle Memorial Sportsmanship Trophy Awarded to the LMSC member who best exemplifies the ideals of good sportsmanship. 

Verna Doyle Wild Waterwoman Trophy Awarded to the female LMSC member who is generous in her service and support of others in the LMSC.

Judge’s Paddle Conferred annually upon an LMSC member (who may or may not actually deserve it) for conspicuous bungling or a really remarkable display of ineptitude.  There is no appeal from this award.

Dykman Try Harder Trophy Awarded to the skipper who is always out for a race, always sailing, but hasn’t yet broken into the trophy ranks.

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Feel free to stop by Stonebridge Park or Olin Park before or after a race to meet a few club sailors and ask questions. Races are generally held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons as well as holidays. Please see the calendar tab for more details.


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