Crew Available

Crew Available2017-08-07T18:35:41-05:00
John Salamon
608 445 6934

I actually have only a little experience, but have recently been given a 16 foot sailboat which my dad built some years ago. I had it out once and rolled it over! So, I need experience/help. Besides, this sounds like fun and a good way to meet new friends. Also, do you have age groups? I’m a spry young 60 year old. I don’t mind hanging with the kids, but it might be more comfortable to ‘hang’ with the older ones!

Robert  Cychosz

Just as a spectator. I have purchased a Chrysler Mutineer and would like help setting that up and sailing it.

Jackie Bacon

No experience but excited to learn

Andrea Palmer

6 years crew experience primarily on j24s. Some experience on flying scots, capris, melges, wavelengths, and nacras.


Bill Black


Would love to crew on a C Scow. I owned a C Scow for several years and raced on Monona as well as many regattas. Now I own a Lightning. I have also sailed or raced the Flying Scot, E Scow, MC Scow, Laser, Sunfish, Butterfly, Snipe, Lido, Precision 18, and S2 7.3, and J24.


Leda Nath


In 1991, I learned on the Santana 22 and J24 via the Spinnaker Sailing Club in the Bay Area / Calif. I have crewed on an older 1947 wooden Makenaw 40 ft and again on J24s. Not much sailing since the 1990s. Looking forward to it again. I will need to learn some things again, but I anticipate it will return quickly.


Kelly Burnett


Love Sailing, took lessons at Geneva lake. My knowledge is limited but enthusiasm is not. Please consider me. I am in Madison M-F.

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